Spotlight Room Escape – Part 7 (White Collar) Walkthrough

At the end of the previous level, you got a sheet with the image of business center and the access code. At this level you will have to play the role of a white collar.

1. Before you enter the building, pay attention to the notice board hanging on the wall to the right of the door. Move it aside a little and you will find the key.

2. Now you can walk into the room – to do this, enter the code 100550 and open the door with the key.

3. Once you are inside, look under the sofa – you will find the pliers. Take them and return to the street. There is a wire hanging near the mailbox, cut it off it with a tool.

4. Take a pen from the desk, and hatch the corner of the sheet with the missing part. This will make the inscription GB appear. There is a crumpled sheet of paper lying near the safe with symbols and numbers on it. If you look at the picture above the sofa and match the symbols – you will get numbers 2 and 4.

5. Match the symbols and enter the code: GB24 on the top drawer of the safe. Inside, you will find a mirror.

6. Now take the flashlight from the shelf near the folders with papers and climb up to the vent. Open the lid, put the mirror inside and use the flashlight – you will see the key from the next room.

7. Approach the calendar and turn the pages until you have September. There will be a key card glued to the picture, take it and open the middle drawer of the desk. You will find a notebook with images and signatures – the moon, towers, dogs and crawfish.

  • The towers are depicted on the calendar with August, which equals the month number: 8;
  • There is a horoscope on the table, which has the crawfish under number 7;
  • Below is the image of the animals, the dog is under number 3;
  • On the calendar, the full moon is under day 22.

8. Head for the clock hanging on the wall at the entrance. Set the hands:

  • The big one at 10, the small one at 8 and move the slider to position 1;
  • set the big hand at 3 o’clock, the small one at 7 and move the slider to position 2.

This will open the stash with the key in it.

9. Go into the room with the shelves for the archive and a magnetic board. Take all the items you can possibly collect here: connecting wire, metal cutting tool, magnetic plate with a blue tab, ladder and ink.

10. One of the walls of the room is marked with a cross. Spray water from orange bottle on it. There is a surveillance camera in the top corner of the room, use the ladder to reach it. Connect it to the monitor using cable and you will see that a sign will appear on the place of the wall with the cross.

11. Open the lock on the safe with a tool and take a curved flat object. Return to the first room, remove a piece of parquet marked with a cross with the item you found and take the key.

12. Turn the plank over and count the number of triangles marked on it. As a result, you will have number 3816. This code is for the bottom drawer of the locker near the doors. There is a fragment inside it. In the upper drawer you will find the scissors.

13. You will find a suitcase on the lower shelf next to the locker. To open it, you need to place the missing fragment inside the mechanism and move all three elements to the top – so all three are located next to the inscription “open”. Take napkin and a screwdriver.

14. Go back to the street, open the mailbox with the key you found. Take the parcel and cut it with scissors – you will get a glass object. Wipe it with a napkin and put in the middle of the picture on the desk. A sign in the form of the letter Z will appear.

15. On the same table, turn over the frame with the photo, unscrew the bolts with a screwdriver and look at the reverse side of the photo. Remember the numbers – 1973. There is a table next to the cabinet, one of the drawers requires password code – enter the numbers and take one of the plates with orange tab.

16. Walk toward the magnetic board and hang all the plates you found on it. Rotate them so that the red dots match.

17. Go to the first office – to the left locker. Open it by moving the laser line on the screen so that it intersects all three points. To do this, place the blocks as shown in the picture. Inside, you will find the blue dial and cartridge for the printer.

18. Put the cartridge inside the printer and you will get a printed sheet with a table. In the box where we took a tablet with an orange bookmark, there is a sheet with names and numbers. Remember those that are marked in yellow and green. On the table you will need to mark the numbers that correspond to the letters from the names – this will give you the symbols.

19. Go into the room with the archives, one of the shelves has a small safe on it. Connect the dial and enter the symbols you found.

20. You will have a map with a marked location where the next level will take place.



  1. Have you gotten past White Collar to the next level Hermit? I am on Hermit now but am stuck at one part.

    I can send you screenshots/a walkthrough of what I’ve gotten in Hermit so far if you would like to post that.

    1. The way they refer to the clock hands is confusing. By “the big one” , they mean the fatter, shorter (black) hand. The thinner, longer (red) one is “the small one”.

  2. to na faze após essa ai, mas falta 3 paradas que n consegui achar por senhas kkkkk pow, o cara n confia en ninguem kkkkkkk ele coloca senha em tudo e uma digital kkkkk

  3. Hello, hopefully someone can help. In the White Collar level I’m stuck at the laser in the filing cabinet. When I open the screen there is a white tile already in the top left corner. I can’t get it to move/disappear. I used the hint and it showed the video camera switch in a certain position. I’ve tried it in all three positions and the tile is always there on the laser screen. Any suggestions? Thanks!


    1. You can’t move it. It stays there and is part of the solution. Not sure why it doesn’t show it in the walkthrough but I solved it with it there.

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