Spotlight Room Escape – Part 4 (Fatum) Walkthrough

The fourth level of Spotlight Room Escape game is called “Fatum”. So your fate is on the verge of death.

Step-by-step walkthrough

1. We appear is ragged corridor and see disassembled bycicle. Take an air pump next to it and get a spoke out of wheel.

2. Next come to closet with fire valve. Some red tool (I don’t know what it is exactly) hanging aside it. Use this tool to brake a glass door of the fire closet and take pager. Also take a piece of wire to the left of closet.

3. Thre is a tool box laying under the fire closet. Take a wrench and a piece of glass out of it.

4. Move to the end of corridor. Find a smock-frock to the right of the door. Check pockets and take insulation tape. Wind a glass piece with your tape, so you could take it with bare hand.

5. Some keys are peep out under the door. Pull them out using a piece of wire. But these keys doesn’t fit this door. You have to move back a bit and come to toilet to the right.

6. Here we collect green fragments: one on the washstand and the other one in garbage bin. Open the first cabin and take out of toilet a rubber part of plunger. Connect it with pump and pump out water of washstand.

7. After this disassemble filter under the washstand and a key will fall out – take it.

8. The key fits for a box with a toilet paper (find it above garbage bin). Open it and take another part of wrench. Connect it to the one you already have.

9. Come to the outermost cabine and take off lid of toilet tank with your wrench. You will find an iron ring inside.

10. Go out to corridor and come to next door. One part of the lock is missed – use an iron ring you just found. Turn parts of lock to set the right combination. Use a pager as prompting. It shows 17.45. You have to set both arrows to these numbers.

11. There is a kitchen inside. Turn to the right and take a pan on board. Also look to closet and take one more green fragment and a coffee pack.

12. Take a cup, key and teapot in wall closet.

13. Get another green fragment in the fridge.

14 Come to kitchen rang. There is locked door in the bottom. But it has an electric lock and cannot be opened at the moment. We have to repair electric circuit. In order to do so insert all missed green fragments and start moving connections to obtain a working circuit. The door will open once you are succeed. But there is nothing inside.

15. Now go through the door next to the fridge (the key for this door is laying on one of shelves). There is subsidiary room. Take garden scissors and gas balloon.

16. In other narrow room we have to take the brick and the bended key with triangle end and then open cargo elevators in the wall. There is no buttons in one of the elevators, they are laying in the other one. To open second elevator use password 7049 (it is written on control board).

17. Install buttons and open first elevator. It is stuck between floors. Put the brick inside and elevator will move down. Now you will find file.

18. Go back to kitchen and use your file to cut off a piece of ice in fridge.

19. Go out of kitchen and go back to toilet. There is little door on wall in corner, use your triangle key to open it. Turn valve to stop water and use scissors to cut a piece of black hose.

20. Go back to kitchen. Here come to kitchen range. Insert gas baloon and connect it with black hose. Now it is in working condition.

21. Put a pan on first burner and melt your piece of ice on it. After you finish you will get purse. Take one of the cards out of it. On second burner put a teapot. You need to cook a coffee. Pour some coffee powder in cup and fill it with boiling water.

22. Go to the room with elevators. There is door in the end of room. In order to open it insert a magnet card you have and enter password. You can find a password if you look at calendar near entrance. The password is 160769.

23. Inside you will find empty room with hatch, when you open it you will finish level Fatum, but your trial doesn’t end with this. Drink your coffee – there is a final level awaits you.

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  1. Marvin Holtey Schlüssel nachmachen lassen ging so unglaublich schnell, ich dachte schon mein Schlüssel wäre bereits auf Lager gewesen. Passte auch sofort ohne Nacharbeiten perfekt ins Schloss.

  2. Alex S Freundin hat ihren Schlüssel in der Wohnung vergessen, war ziemlich kalt…zum Glück kam der Schlüüseldienst sehr schnell und konnte uns helfen, wieder ins warme zu kommen. Zufrieden, was auch aufgrund eines guten Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnisses gegeben ist.

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