Spotlight Room Escape – Part 3 (Menace) Walkthrough

The previous level has ended when we repaired elevator and moved to lower floor. And now elevator’ door opens and we are facing a danger not to get out of this strange building yet.
1. Come out of elevator (it has stopped lower than it had to) and we find ourself in another corridor. The first thing we have to do it is to take the patient list.

2. There is some pipe system in the corner among scattered books. One of the pipes is disconnected. Take it with you.

3. One of the passages to the left is overlapped by brickwork. Use the piece of pipe you have to remove one of the bricks. There is a key behind it.

4. Go back to the elevator and see the picture of same key. Use it and niche will open.

 5. Inside the niche is a case. It is locked with combination lock and you have to solve a puzzle to open it. In order to do it you will need a patient list and one of the books on the floor. There is four surnames from the list are written in the book. Each of surnames have a number. Decode it. You should obtain ‘7428’. Open the case and take a key.

6. The key fits door to the right. Open the room and enter. Billiard table and a bar are in there. Go around the bar counter and take a knife in showcase. Then take a bottle standing on a billiard table. 7. There is a key laying on one of the armchairs. You need to take it. Moreover, after you cut up seat upholstery you will find there a paper with some geometric figures and numbers.

8. On a bookshelf take a billiard ball.

9. On a bar counter near cash machine push a red button. Once you do it a hiding-place will open near billiard cue shelf. Take a key inside it.

10. On a bar counter also stands a little safe with a four-numbers code, to solve it you will need picture with geometric figures. Count how many corners each figure has and enter the code ‘4305’. Inside is another billiard ball.

11. Open the suitcase with a key you already have. There is a hammer and one more ball.

12. Use a hammer to pull out nails in the hiding-place around right cue rack. To open the safe you need to solve a puzzle with moving boxes. It is time to use your brain. There is a lot of combinations here. Just try. It is not very complicated. Inside you will get next billiard ball.

13. All balls you collected has a numbers on surface. Now move on to billiard table and put each ball to correct pocket. When you finish a credit card will fall out of table.

14. Come to cash machine and apply credit card, than scan a barcode on the bottle. When cash machine will open take a magnetic card inside it.

15. Go back to the corridor. Find a door with ‘EXIT’ nameplate. Use magnetic card and open the door. Level is finished.

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