Spotlight Room Escape – Part 2 (Hope) Walkthrough

After we finally escaped out of the room, we realize that is not the end. A new adventure begins. We find ourself in a corridor (it looks like a kind of hotel) with a lot of closed doors. And it seems we should not expect to find an easy exit.

1. Move on through corridor and find a heap of some objects laying on the floor. Among them there is a white cupboard, open it and take a piece of paper with some squares drawn on it.

2. Go back and open little case hanging on a wall. This is a keys storage. Take all of them.

3. Next we have to open left door. Pick up the right key. But do not hurry to enter. Resolve equation on the board first. We will need this answer in the near future (the answer is ‘150’).

4. After getting inside the room look into the night-stand near the bed. Here we will need the answer for equation. Enter ‘150’ and grab another piece of paper with some squares.

5. Take the battery on a bookshelf.

6. Look on a right part of the room. There is a picture hanging above the sofa. Move the painting aside and push button behind it.

7. Take a drill on a table next to TV.

8. Move some books on a bookshelf, it will open a case under TV. Take a plastic card out of it.

9. Go to the opposite room. Use your plastic card to open the door. This is a surgery. You will find some bowls next to the cot. Take a key out of one of them.

10. Find another piece of paper with a squares and a door handle in a case to the left. The bottom drawer is locked. Solve equation to open it. Grab another plastic card.

11. There is a bedside table in the corridor. Open it with a door handle you just found and take next piece of paper with squares.

12. Go back to bedroom. There is a writing table with a drawer. It is locked with a combination lock. Use papers with squares to unlock it.

13. There is another red button. Push it.

14. Take aerosol can with oil in a case above the TV.

15. Locate a subsidiary room with sliding door in the corridor. Lubricate the lock with oil you just found and then open it with a key. Take out a ladder.

16. In the end of the corridor stand a ladder under ventilation hole. Climb up, open the grating and make your way through the ventilation channel to another room with elevator.

17. Open elevator with plastic card. Take a scheme on the floor.

18. Go back by ventilation and take a note on a bedside table (note has appeared there while you was in previous room).

19. Move to the surgery and open a safe (use a scheme you found in elevator to pick up a combination). Take out drilling machine. Install battery and a drill on it.

20. The end of the way is in elevator. Go through ventilation channel once again. There is a switch-board inside the elevator. Take it off with your drilling machine and repair.

The second level ends now.

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