Spotlight Room Escape – Part 1 (Awakening) Walkthrough

In the first level of the quest we awake in some room and have to get out of it. So the door is blocked and we got only 10 minutes to find the exit. Around yourself we can find different objects and using those in a logic way we can step-by-step solve this difficult task.

1. First of all we have to open the drawer of nightstand using the clip (it is laying on the top of nightstand). Inside we get a pocket knife.

2. Turn to the right and you will see a carton box near the bed. Open it with your knife. Inside is the door handle. Take it.

3. There is a door to the left from the bed. The door handle we just found fits it. Open the door and enter the bathroom. Under the washstand take a plunger and return to the first room.

4. In the first room go to the left part – there is kitchen. Take a flashlight in the middle top horizontal drawer.

5. Battery for flashlight is laying in bottom drawer under the window.

6. Take a piece of mirror with symbol “4” on surface in the top right drawer.

7. Use your plunger to clean the pipe of kitchen sink and take the key on bottom.

8. Go back to central room and open wooden door by the key. Enter the door.

9. There is a piece of mirror with symbol “6” laying on dining table.

10. Some photos are hanging on wall. Move aside the right one and find another piece with “E” symbol.

11. In the corner around carton box there is next piece of mirror.

12. Go back to the bathroom and reestablish the broken mirror as a puzzle using pieces we just found. After you successfully finish there has to be a set of symbols “WE64A” – remember it.

13. Go back and find a red suitcase around the bed. In order to open it we will need a code we just see on mirror. Arrange the combination lock in right order.

14. Open the suitcase and take a screwdriver and a piece of wire out of it.

15. In the bathroom, use your screwdriver to take off duct cover and get the key behind it.

16. Go back again to the room with photos and get to the writing table. There is a wire hanging down from lamp, but the piece is missed (the one we found in suitcase). Assemble the wire.

17. he lamp still doesn’t light on. The problem should be in switchboard. Open it and see a couple of wires with some numbers. They have to be connected in right way. Use the picture below as a guide how to do it. After you finish the lamp will light on and “AMDG” symbols are now visible on notebook.

18. Open the left iron locker with a key you found earlier. There is a part of axe inside. Axe handle has to be found near the bed in first room..

19. Now break the wall in the room with photos, turn on the flashlight and see the decryption of letters from notebook: A=5, M=2, D=9, G=6.

20. Move on to the kitchen and open bottom left cabinet. There is a safe. Use the code “5296” you just found. The only thing stored there is a papyrus with letters..

21. Return to the central room and open combination lock on iron door (use password from papyrus). Exit through the door and that’s it! We just escaped out of the room.

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