Escape The Prison Adventure – complete walkthrough

Do you like fascinating puzzles? Then “Escape Prison Adventure” is the game you need. At the moment, this is one of the best quests with more than 10 million downloads.

So, you are an inmate in one of the prisons and you have to make an escape. The game is divided into several stages, each one is difficult and fascinating in its own way.

1. The level begins with the prison cell – it is locked. The first thing you need to do is to collect items: a towel, a cup and a toilet paper. The cup probably has the tea – you can drink it. In addition to the towels, remove the towel holder from the wall as well.

2. Roll the mattress on the bed. You will find the audio cassette under it.

3. After a while, the guard will come to you – stun him on the head with this holder and take his mobile phone.

4. Leave the cell and head towards the safe located in the right corner. To open it, you need to enter the code 1212 (our cell number)

5. Inside the safe there is a computer. You need to place the blocks correctly, as shown in the picture.

6. Once you open the safe, a manual key will drop out – this key opens the hatch. It has the circuit inside. You need to click on the buttons to change colors until you get all greens in a row. I can’t help you with this thing, you need to try until you make it.

7. The cell will open. Walk in and take the tank with the gas inside the fireplace.

8. Turn to the right and take the radio player. Also do not forget to hang a towel on the prisoner’s shoulder.

9. Walk into the corridor and go to the left – here is another safe, the code is 7843. We learned it from the prisoner in the next cell. He will write it on a piece of toilet paper that you will give him.

10. Inside, there is puzzle. You need to connect the segments in cells to get a chain.

11. Go into the cell of the prisoner who gave you the code and remove the boxes in the corner. You will find the batteries – take them and insert them into the player.

12. Now approach the next cell and give the player to the prisoner. In return, he will throw the fragments of a sheet of paper on the floor, which you will need to collect. You will get the number 7512.

13. Inside the safe, you will need to prove your smartness one more time and correctly move the numbers. Walk into the open cell and take a screwdriver which lies in the bottom right drawer.

14. Get back to the camera where you took the balloon and open the cover of the toilet bowl with a screwdriver. You will find a paper with the number 3578.

15. Enter this number on the code lock of the blue door and we walk into the room. Take the hose that you need to connect to the balloon.

16. Connect the cassette with the mobile phone and connect it to the camera. You need to put a ladder to reach it. Click on the doors on the phone screen. This will open the maze which you will need to go through until you reach the red mark.

17. Go down and open the door, but first remove the lock with the help of the burner.

18. Go inside and click on the dots on the electrical panel until they all become green.

The game is complete – you escaped from prison and are now at large.

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