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Welcome new exciting puzzle game which belongs to “escape” genre. This time you need first to get into the mansion full of horrors and – judging by the name of the game – to take revenge for something. And then make an escape. However, as it turns out, everything is not so simple and you will face various obstacles and riddles on your way out. The answers to these questions can be found in this article.

1. So, one winter night you find yourself in front of the mansion and the first thing you need to do is to get in. The main entrance is locked, so you’ll make our way through the back door, which is located at the other end of the building. Approach the doors – of course, they are locked as well. To begin, take the items: pickaxe and papyrus.

2. Return to the original position and smash the brick stand with a pickaxe, you will get the key and a cartridge from the shotgun. Go back to the back door and open the door with the key.

3. You need to pass through the corridor with steps, don’t forget to grab the blade on the floor. You will get into the room with a passage to the attic. On the floor, you will find a tool called “pincers” – take it and head to the room on the right. Use the tool to get rid of an iron chain and release the ladder. You also need to take a cylinder with liquid nitrogen at the same spot.

4. There is a mannequin on the top shelf; it needs to be cut with a blade. Inside, you will find the key.

5. To open the safe you need to enter the code – 247. This code was depicted in Roman numerals on the stand at the beginning of the game. Inside, you will find a hank of sticky tape.

6. Return to the first room, use the stepladder for the climb up to the upper level and get into the room with a fireplace. First, collect all the items – a gun, a candlestick and a clip on the wall. In the control menu load the gun with a cartridge.

7. Head to the room to the right and meet the skeleton guard. Neutralize it with a cylinder of liquid nitrogen and collect items: a book, a video cassette and a key. All of them are located on the bookshelf.

8. Once you get the key, return to the basement and unlock the room straight ahead. Before you come in, don’t forget to pick up a gun. Once you come inside, you will face a zombie – shoot him. Find a bunch of hay in the haystack, and grab a chair.

9. Open the items menu and dismantle the chair. As a result, you will get a pile of firewood and a hairpin.

10. Now you need to get back to the room with a fireplace, however, this time you need to go through the front entrance, grabbing a stepladder along the way.
Now you need to unlock the door on the left. Take the pin and insert it into the lock. Turn it counter-clockwise until “open” button lights up. Walk inside and get into the room with a sofa.

11. Take a sheet of paper under the sofa, unscrew the light from the lamp and insert video cassette into the tape recorder.

12. Look at the screen image – you need to manage it somehow :). Approach the safe, wrap the wire with adhesive tape and open it. Take a match and a piece of coal from it. Click on the top of the screen, return to the room with a sofa, and follow to the room with a fireplace.

13. Now you need to fire the fireplace: put firewood, then put a bundle of hay under it and, combining the coal with the iron thing (I’m not sure what it is), put it there. The fire now burns. Bring a candlestick to it and light the candles. Now you will need to detach two candles, leaving only one in it.

14. Put the candlestick back where it was and, lighting the shelf with books, collect the items: a gear, a book, and a papyrus.

15. Go to the room with a sofa, with a built-in safe. Enter the code 14582437 – open it and take what’s inside: the alarm clock and the key.

16. Go to the room with the skeleton, you will notice the stairs to the top to the left – go up and you will get into the room with the wolf. Go up higher and you will get to the terrace. Collect the items: crossbow, cartridge and another gear.

17. Load the gun with a cartridge, go down and kill the wolf – a pile of ashes is the only thing will be left from it. In the upper right corner you will spot the clock ¬– click on it, take the ring from the key and remember the time.

18. There is a commode standing under the clock. To open one of the boxes, you need to enter a code that equals the time on the clock: 10 10. Take the items: a gear, a hammer and an arrow.

19. Under the floor carpet there is a safe, the code equals to the numbers of the letters in the alphabet: 17516. Take the skull and go to the room behind the curtains.

20. Take the dagger on the wall and break the vase standing by the fireplace with a hammer. Inside, you will find the missing part of the key – tie it to the ringlet.
Now you need to open the door on the left. To do this, you need to twist the skids on the lock to complete the image of the star and then you need to insert the key with the same sign on it.

21. Now you are in the tomb with the remains of an unknown person. You need to to thrust a dagger into the body and remove the mask from the face – you will find red precious stone in the eye.

22. Return to where the wolf was killed, put a stepladder and we climb to the attic. There, you will meet a ghost-guard, load the arrow into the crossbow and kill it.

23. Next, you need to open the globe – the code is scrawled on the wall: 508020. Inside, you will find a green diamond.

24. Go to the room with a large clock. You need to fix the mechanism by placing the gears – this will open the passage to the secret room.

25. To light the room, you should put candles and press on the magic mirror – you will get into the astral. Tear down the brick wall and go to the room on the right – there, you will meet the ghost of a woman. To disarm it, you need to throw the skull into the fireplace.
Once you open the door with a key, a skeleton will drop out and you will spot a purple diamond. After that, you need to return to the real world through the same mirror.

26. Get back to the room with a ghost, find a passage through the brick wall – it is another secret room. Put the bulb into the lamp, it will reveal an inverted shadow of the numbers on the wall: 351104. Enter the number on the safe code-lock, open it and take yellow precious stone. Don’t forget to take the sword from the model with armor and an empty bottle on the floor.

27. Now you need to get into the room with a washbasin, you already did it through the monitor screen. Collect water into the bottle, then enter the astral through the magic mirror and put out the fire in the fireplace with water.

28. Look inside the firebox, take the cross and open the safe by inserting colored stones and turning them. There is a book inside the safe – you need to take it.

29. Go to the room with a skeleton and insert the book into an empty space of the bookshelf – it will move away and the passage to the hidden terrace will open. You will find a lamp on the railing – take it.

30. Climb into the attic using the stepladder, a ghost awaits you there – ban it with the cross. On the desk you will need to dial the code by clicking on the squares – you learned the combination in the real world. Take yellow wire and go down to two levels.

31. The library is located downstairs, it is guarded by a sorcerer with a staff. Take the sword and cut the evil one. Take the staff and insert it into the hole in the middle of the room. This will open the entrance to the basement – you need to go down.

32.It is dark there – take out the lamp, throw off the cloak from the mirror and we pass through the mirror to the real world. Just to remind you, you are still in the astral. Connect the wire with an alarm clock and connect it to the dynamite. The countdown will start and you will have 20 seconds to leave the mansion before the explosion.

33. Grab the hammer on the floor and make your way through the brick wall. Run out of the mansion through the backdoor and that’s it – the game is complete. The evil spirits burn, you revenged and escaped.

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