Meet new Cube Escape series puzzle game called The Cave by Rusty Lake studio. As usual, the game pleases us with unusual puzzles like no other game can. This time you need to get out of the cave. You will have to wrack your brains and solve all the quests. If you face difficulties at a certain stage of the game – you can use the hints from this article.


1. Move to the right until you reach the room for the analysis of rocks. There will be a locker, looking like a chest of drawers. Open it by moving the sliders. Inside, you will find a web with a spider. You need to release the insects. To do this, cut off the web threads – one by one – not allowing the spider to reach its prey until the insect is free. After the web ends in the back of the closet you will find a book with a picture of a cube – take it.

2. Go to the first room with a dog and a stand for reading standing nearby. Put a book on it and open it. There will be a family tree on the first page. You need to correctly place the cards with the photos, then click on the top one, it will unfold into a large photo. You should paste it on the left page into a frame. In the right corner of the page you will find an image of a geometric figure – this is the password.

3. Head to the room with iron doors with a graphic lock. Depict our figure on the tablet. But the door does not open – you need another figure.

4. Get back to the room with the dog and look at the image on the wall – click on it. First, select the parts of the figures by color and shape until the green jug is left. Give it to a little man – he drinks it and dies. The ghost will appear and the jug will return to the place. Give it to a second man a drink and take the moth. In this room you should also look into the top drawer of the cabinet – you will find matches.

5. Go to the room with a diver, there will be a cleft and a torch on the wall. Burn the torch with matches – you will see a bat in the crevice. Feed it with a moth and take a photo.

6. Go towards the book, turn the page and insert the photo into place. Again, you will see a geometric figure, which you need to enter on the plate of the iron door.

7. Go to the room with the dog, you will spot a new image with the game on the wall. You need to move a man in a suit and a scuba diver one by one. As a result, a crack will appear on the wall.

8. Open the curbstone with the microscope on it. To do this, you need to enter the password and figures as in the picture. You learned it from the bugs in various places, which described these figures with their movements. Inside, you will find a pickaxe.

9. With the help of a pickaxe you need to increase the crack on the wall. A hand will appear from it. It must be cut off with a knife – it is hidden in the middle drawer of the nightstand.

10. Pass the hand through the meat grinder and get stuffing. Feed the dog and take away the feces.

11. Take the plate from the nightstand. Put the plate under the microscope and put the feces. Look through the microscope and you will see green bodies connected by gray and brown lines. You need to move the body so that the lines become black. After you do this, the dog feces will turn green – take them back.

12. In the room with a diver, look into the arch. You will see stalactites in it with the drops rolling down – catch them with a dinnerware until the figure grows. Then break the figure with a pickaxe and take the bottle.

13. Approach the table with a microscope, put the bottle on the plate and add green substance. Give the potion to a person reflected in the mirror. He will become invisible. Click several times on him. As a result, the cap will be removed, and the head of the crow will appear from under the suit. Click on it and the top right corner a piece of mirror will fall off – it hides another photo.

14. By analogy, insert the photo in the next page of the book and you will get an image of the figure for our castle.

15. In the room with the dog you will see the next image with the game on the wall. You need to move the box step by step, collecting objects which the fish is looking at. In the wall there is a gap. As usual, increase it with the help of a pickaxe and take a piece of ore.

16. The ore needs to be melted. To do this, take the firewood near the iron door and the bowler on the shelf. Set firewood in a special brazier, hang a bowler, set it on fire with matches and put a piece of ore in it.

17. Go to the table with a microscope, open the mold for the key and fill it with molten metal. Close it, wait a second and open – the key is ready. Open the bottom drawer of the cabinet with the key and take the sticky tape.

18. Approach the diver. Isolate the hose with adhesive tape and create pressure in the helmet. To do this, twist the lever. After that, the helmet will fall off the guy. Give him the elixir and take the boxes, the photo and a precious stone.

19. As usual, paste the photo into place, spot the figure and enter on the tablet of a closed door. After that the door will open.

20. You will see a pond in the cave and a tumbler. Before switching it, set the indicators correctly. Turn on the toggle switch, the manual elevator with a porthole will come down – this is the exit from the cave.

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