Bunker Escape — level 2 walkthrough (Lift)

1. Once you find yourself in the corridor, go to the room on the left. The electricity is out. Get back and switch on all working toggle switches on the switchboard. However, as soon as you switch the inoperative one – it resets all the other switchers too. Do it as shown in the picture (to keep your nerves safe).

2. Go to the room – open the drawer in the table and take the magnet. Move to the left toward the cage with the unconscious dog. It has a tag with 5868 numbers on its neck – use these numbers as a password on the computer. Also, do not forget to pick a screwdriver off the table.

3. You will see a message on the computer monitor, saying that you need to memorize number “89” for your password. There is dog’s birth date written on the poster, add the first two digits to those numbers from the computer. As a result, you will get the code to the door on the opposite side: 1989.

4. Move to the room on the opposite side and take a toy car from the shelf. Take out the battery using a screwdriver and insert it into the box with the screen. On the screen, move the blocks to the right, one by one. You will see the fragment of the note inside it.

5. Take the second fragment from the trash bin in the corner of the corridor. As a result, you will get another code: 1202, use it on the lock of the safe in the room with cages. You will find the key inside it.

6. Return to the room. There is a pair of sneakers near the closet, click on it and take their laces. Open the bottom drawer of the closet with a key and take a crossword puzzle. After you solve it, you will get the password to the next room’s door: 1526.

7. After you enter the next room – tie the laces to a magnet and lower this device into the drain hole on the floor. As a result, you will get the key from it.

8. Now you need to solve the equation. There is a diagram made of geometric shapes between the doors in the corridor. If you put the number above each of them – you will get the result. Numbers can be found in different places, for example, triangles are the numbers of floors in the lift on the control unit.

9. Get inside the lift, insert the key on the control unit and enter the code: 1238. The stage is complete – we are waiting for the next one to come.


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