Bunker Escape — level 1 walkthrough (Dream)

The game starts with a preview of the photos, showing the events which happened to your main character. You realize that there was an accident and that he lost consciousness. You wake up in an unfamiliar room, being tied to the couch – and you need to find a way out.

1. To the right of the screen there is a button in the form of a leather insert – it’s a jeans pocket. You will put there all the items that you’ll find during the game. In the beginning, you only have a folding knife. Take it out and cut the straps on your wrists.

2. Now, leave the room and go to the lockers. Pick a mop on your left, and take electrical tape on one of the shelves.

3. Before the turn, there is a box hanging on the wall to the right – you will find the key inside it. Move to the right and open the door in front of you with the key you found.

4. Once you are in the room for animal studies, walk to the table in the corner and take a screwdriver and a small can of a lubricant.

5. There is a box on the wall, which you need to open with a screwdriver. Feed the dog in the cage and take the plastic card.

6. There is a sticker with a record attached to the computer’s system unit – it’s the code. Get to the corridor and you will immediately see an electric board. You can open it by entering the code from the sticker: 3742. Now you will need to wrap the bare wire with an electrical tape.

7. This will make the computer work. Walk toward it and swipe the plastic card on the terminal – the iron door will open.

8. Once you get into the room through the iron door, start collecting things: pickaxe, lamp, rope and pliers.

9. There is a system for shutting off the steam supply installed on the wall. We turn the switchers to the vertical position and take the hand saw.

10. Next, you need to craft a rod from the items collected. Saw off the stick from the mop and tie the rope to it. Dismantle the ramp with pliers and get a hairpin in the form of a hook. Tie the hook to the edge, approach the cell with the dead prisoner, and get a plastic card with the keys using the rod.

11. Now you need to open the locked locker with a key and a lubricant. You will see a crowbar inside it. Move the locker away to clear the wall behind it.

12. Make a hole in the wall using pickaxe and get inside it.

13. Now you will need to open the last door. To do this, you need to move all the shutters to the left position.

14. This will let you get into a mine with the rails – the first stage is complete.

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