Abandoned Mine Escape – Walkthrough

Meet the new exciting puzzle game called “Abandoned mine escape” with its outstanding graphics. You will find yourself lost in abandoned catacombs, in a situation where you will need to concentrate and think – don’t let the panic control you and make your mind listen to you. After all, every little detail can be useful and might be used to solve a puzzle – solving all the puzzles will let you make your way up to the sunlight.

Step-by-step walkthrough

1. Once you wake up, the first thing you need to do is to pick the battery off the floor and look into the electrical panel. Insert the battery into the socket inside the panel and turn on the switch – you will have the light on. After lighting the area, you will see a screwdriver – take it.

2. Move to the right, take a piece of rope or wire and walk towards the locked doors that look like a grill. You will see the keys lying on the ground on the other side – get them with the help of the wire you found and open the door. Do not forget to take the door handle – we will need it later.

3. Move further to the miners’ locker room. Stick the handle to the door, open it and walk inside. You see an open locker with a photo of a miner on the door. Under the photos we discover the written numbers – remember them, and tuck the corner of the photo to find the key.

Now you need to open the locker on your right. There is a dial padlock on it, you need to rotate it clockwise on 15 and counterclockwise on 05 and 35. Take the box wrench and a piece of paper you will find inside.

4. Now we need to open the locker on the left. It has another lock on it, but it is a slightly different one. The code is the miner’s order number – you can find it in the list on the wall: 082. Take a plastic card and one more piece of paper inside the locker. Leave the locker room.

5. There is a wooden box with a lock to the left of the trailer. Open it with a key you found and take the scissors.

Using the box wrench open the switchboard and put the switch in the middle in a horizontal position. Move on.

6. Now move forward taking the canister along the way. Come to the bulldozer, open the engine shield and cut off a piece of hose with a pair of scissors. Connect the hose to the canister and drain the fuel from the bulldozer tank.

7. There is a generator near the left front wheel. To make it work, you will need to connect the wires to the connectors as shown in the diagram on one of the papers. Fill the generator tank with the fuel from the canister and push the “start” button. It will make the network work.

8. Return to the locker room and open the chief’s office door with a plastic card. Take the fragment of the page on the table and attach it to what you already have. As a result, you will get a scheme for opening the safe. Enter the combination by pressing the arrows and take the pin-face wrench from the safe. There is also a key box on the wall to the right – open it and take the key.

9. Leave the locker room and head forward – first straight, then to the right. Open the ventilation grill and unscrew the fan with a wrench. But do not rush to get inside.

10. Return to the switchboard near the booth and turn the switch to the upper position. This will make the fan fly off and open the ventilation passage, which will become your way for a safe escape. That’s it – the game is complete.

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