Abandoned Mine Escape – Walkthrough Chapter 2

1. A room with a lot of pipes, take a bottle and break it – you will get a note with numbers. You will need those numbers later.

2. Go to the ventilation, there is a metal rod near the grille, take it. Now look at the lock on the same grille, push the buttons according to the sequence on a paper which you found in a bottle.

3. Walk into the room. Take a magnet and a sharp piece of glass inside to move on.

4. There is a yellow box on the second shelf to the right of the door and helmet near it, click on it. Cut it and find the key.

5. After that, head to the tunnel which is behind the pipes, take the rope there.

6. Now let’s get back to the ventilation, connect the rope with the magnet and pull out the key. Go to the iron door, where the glass was broken, and open it.

7. After you walk into the room, you need to take a big valve and a middle gear in the clock. Turn to the electric board, collect the drawing as shown in the picture and turn on the emergency power. Turn on the light and walk toward the door. Before you open it, take the key from the boot that stands on the right under the table. Now use the valve, then insert the iron rod into it, and unlock the door.

8. Here we are, standing in the next room, now open the white table’s drawer, take the electrical tape and the gear arrangement blueprint. After that, open the small drawer of the same table and take a coin. To the left of the first trolley there is a suitcase, press the numbers in order (1,2,3,4,5 ..) and take the big gear. Now wrap the wires with electrical tape and lower the crane. After that, attach it to the grille and lift it with the crane, breaking the grille. Head to the room with the receiver, put a coin in it and take a small gear from it.

9. Pass to the room with a large red warning on the doors, open the gearbox, insert the gears, and then turn them exactly as shown in the picture.

10. Then go to the room where you broke the grille, pull the lever and walk out through the big door with the warning. That’s it, now you can take a breath of fresh air.

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