Best AR in Warzone [Season 6]: a guide to Assault Rifles in Call Of Duty: Warzone

Best Assault Rifle in Warzone

Assault Rifles are by far the most versatile and numerous weapons class in Call Of Duty: Warzone. They are reliable, effective at any range, and the backbone of the vast majority of Warzone loadouts out there.

Our Best AR in Warzone guide will walk you through the stats, attachments, and relative power of all 13 Assault Rifles in Season 6 of Warzone. Below we’ll go through each Assault Rifle from best to worst in the current meta, and explain everything you need to know about how to use (or whether to avoid) each one.

The best AR in Warzone

The Grau is still the overall best Assault Rifle in Warzone. Previously overshadowed by the venerable M4A1, the Grau slowly clawed its way to the top of the Assault Rifles tier list – mainly due to its unbelievably low recoil. And the Season 4 nerf did very little to curb its dominance.

You can read more about why the Grau is our pick for Warzone’s greatest Assault Rifle below, along with the rest of our Assault Rifles tier list. But before we dive in, let’s take a look at this table of Assault Rifle stats from our Warzone weapon stats guide:

Name Damage Shots To Kill RPM Mag Reload ADS Move %
Kilo 141 42 | 28 | 28 | 28 3-6 | 4-9 | 5-12 | 6-14 750 30 1.34s 267ms 93.5%
FAL 100 | 58 | 49 | 49 1-3 | 2-5 | 2-6 | 3-8 470 20 1.94s 228ms 94%
M4A1 42 | 28 | 28 | 28 3-6 | 4-9 | 5-12 | 6-14 800 30 1.39s 250ms 95%
FR 5.56 64 | 40 | 40 | 40 2-4 | 3-5 | 4-7 | 4-8 560* 30 1.65s 317ms 93%
Oden 77 | 62 | 48 | 48 2-3 | 2-5 | 3-6 | 4-7 410 20 1.95s 367ms 93%
M13 36 | 24 | 24 | 24 3-6 | 5-8 | 6-11 | 7-14 900 30 1.30s 250ms 94%
FN Scar 56 | 35 | 35 | 35 2-4 | 3-5 | 4-7 | 5-8 570 20 1.44s 266ms 93%
AK-47 56 | 42 | 35 | 35 2-4 | 3-5 | 4-7 | 5-8 560 30 1.17s 267ms 93%
RAM-7 42 | 28 | 28 | 28 3-6 | 4-9 | 5-12 | 6-14 860 30 1.62s 234ms 95%
Grau 5.56 42 | 28 | 28 | 28 3-6 | 4-9 | 5-12 | 6-14 730 30 1.32s 234ms 97%
CR-56 56 | 42 | 35 | 35 2-4 | 3-6 | 4-8 | 5-9 620 30 1.70s 260ms 93.5%
AN-94 46 | 34 | 34 | 29 3-6 | 4-9 | 5-12 | 6-14 560* 30 1.52s 260ms 94.5%
AS VAL 47 | 37 | 30 | 30 3-5 | 4-7 | 5-9 | 6-11 900 20 2.17s 225ms 94%

Interesting stuff for sure, but stats are only half the story. We’ve also got to take into account the possible attachments and loadouts associated with each rifle. Let’s go through each Assault Rifle in Warzone, from best to worst in the current meta.

Grau 5.56 – Best Assault Rifle in Warzone

If you’ve seen a decent player using a fully kitted Grau, you likely already know why this is our pick for the very best Warzone Assault Rifle. While the Season 4 nerf to the Grau somewhat lessened its previously incredible range, when upgraded with the right attachments it’s still an absolute laser capable of out-gunning enemies even at sniper distances.

With such an accurate rifle, its comparatively low DPS really doesn’t matter. Give it an extended mag, kit it out for range, don’t bother with optics thanks to the amazing Archangel barrel ironsights, and you’ll have a strong contender for the very best weapon in Verdansk.

Check out our best Grau loadout here!


The FAL used to be that gun that everybody liked the sound of but hated actually using in Warzone. But then it got an outrageous damage buff in Season 4, and catapulted to the top of the Warzone meta – there to stay until it is inevitably nerfed at some point.

The FAL is simply astonishing, as long as you can tolerate (and preferably master) using a semi-automatic Assault Rifle. Accurate, diabolically powerful at any range, and easily outshining every other semi-automatic weapon in the game. There really is little downside to this incredible rifle, and the 11 August patch nerfing its close-range damage has done little to surb this gun’s dominance over Warzone. The only reason I place the Grau higher than the FAL in this list is because I personally prefer my Assault Rifle to be fully automatic.

Check out our best FAL loadout here!


Getting hit with an Oden hurts. It hurts more, in fact, than any other fully automatic weapon in Warzone. Even at its maximum range, you can kill a 250HP enemy with 4-7 shots. That’s an insanely low number of shots.

The downside? Low fire rate, and high recoil. But the fire rate really doesn’t need to be higher, and the recoil is very controllable if you give the Oden the right attachments. Much of the Warzone playerbase is still sleeping on the Oden, preferring to take the Grau or M13 into battle. Punish them for this decision by showing them how much pain the Oden can inflict with just a few good shots.

Check out our best Oden loadout here!


On the opposite end of the damage spectrum, the M13 hits like a mosquito bite. But thanks to the M13’s unmatched rate of fire, this Assault Rifle still features a very respectable time to kill. But that’s not all: it’s also just about the only gun that can match the Grau’s laser potential with its wonderfully low recoil.

Kitting the M13 out for range is an absolute must, because you need to minimise its damage dropoff as much as possible. But once you’ve done that, the M13 is easily one of the deadliest rifles in Verdansk.

Check out our best M13 loadout here!


The CR-56 AMAX has to be placed pretty high up our tier list, because there’s really not much at all wrong with it. The balancing out of the gun appears to be in the reload speed more than anything – and since I’m used to the reload times of LMGs, I really don’t see this as much of an issue.

While I don’t quite see the AMAX toppling the Big Four above it anytime soon, it tramples the very respectable AK-47 by offering the same powerful damage profile but at a faster fire rate and with easier recoil. As usual in Warzone, you should kit this gun out for maximum range with the Monolithic Suppressor and longest barrel; and once you do, you’ll see just how quickly it can drop enemies at startling distances.


The AS VAL added with Season 6 looks to be an interesting mish-mash of stats from different guns. On paper it looks very promising – a very fast rate of fire coupled with an integral suppressor and good enough damage to give players one of the fastest time-to-kill stats in the whole game.

Why, then, is it not the best Assault Rifle in Season 6? Well, unless the playerbase discovers an absolutely killer combo which turns the AS VAL into something truly overpowered, this Assault Rifle will be held back in Warzone by its very limited magazine size, and its less-than-ideal recoil. It can certainly give any other rifle in the game a run for its money in standard multiplayer with 100-health-pool players, but in Warzone the stats don’t seem to add up.

Kilo 141

Rounding off the holy trinity of laser-precise rifles, the Kilo 141 is an amazing weapon that is unfortunately very slightly outclassed by the Grau in almost every way. But that almost is pretty important. To see the Kilo 141’s true worth, we need to take a look at its attachments.

Oh, what’s this? 100 Round Drum Mags? Now we’re talking! The Kilo 141 is at its very best on the threshold between Assault Rifle and LMG – incredibly controllable, great handling, and capable of spitting out enough bullets to down an entire squad without ever having to reload.

Check out our best Kilo loadout here!


The once-great M4A1 has seen better days, thanks to recent nerfs. It’s still a wonderful and powerful rifle; it just can no longer claim to be the undisputed champion of Assault Rifles in Warzone. But forget about its former glory days, and you’ll see that the M4 is still alive and well, striking an excellent balance between DPS and handling.

Good ironsights and plenty of barrel options sweeten the deal further. Not to mention the fact that you can put together a very decent M4 setup without having to spend too much time levelling it up. Make no mistake: the M4A1 is still capable of going toe to toe with any of the above rifles in almost any type of encounter.

Check out our best M4A1 loadout here!


Season 5’s addition to the ever-expanding Assault Rifles roster is an absolute shredder in base Modern Warfare multiplayer modes, but only pretty good in Warzone thanks to the latter’s inflated health pools. Armed with the unique feature of firing two shots in an incredibly quick burst at the start of every trigger pull, this thing was designed to pack a heavy initial punch before averaging out into “merely adequate” the longer you hold down the trigger.

It’s a great gun; easy to use, very controllable, and pretty powerful. And it’s also no pushover in semi-auto mode – in fact, the gun’s TTK actually improves if you tap the trigger rather than hold it down. But the semi-auto mode is easily outclassed by the FAL, and the full-auto mode is sadly also outclassed by those above it in this list.

Check out our best AN-94 loadout here!


The AK-47 was my favourite Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare multiplayer, and it’s still a beastly gun in Warzone. Taking a similar route to the Oden, it packs a hell of a punch with every shot, but suffers from challenging recoil which must be accounted for when creating your loadout.

My favourite thing about the AK-47 though? Its reload speed. It might surprise you, but the AK-47 reloads faster than any other gun in Warzone. And if you’re really crazy, you can give it Sleight of Hand and reduce that recoil to a scant 0.8 seconds. That’s just bonkers.


The RAM-7 is an SMG masquerading as an Assault Rifle. There’s a lot to like about it on paper and on the battlefield; not least the fact that it hits as hard as an M4A1 but at nearly the same rate as the blisteringly fast M13.

The RAM’s downfall is its recoil, which veers off quite drastically to the left – and bounces a fair amount between shots. You can reduce this shortcoming with the right attachments, and in regular Modern Warfare this would be enough. But in Warzone, it’s just not as viable as a more controllable weapon capable of fighting at longer ranges.

FR 5.56

Warzone is not kind to the FR. The longer distance encounters and the higher health pools make the burst-fire nature of the FR feel really bad most of the time. There’s just no reason to use the FR in Warzone when you could instead use a Grau, or an Oden, or a Kilo, or almost anything else in this list.

Occasionally the FR can feel amazing – but that essentially relies on you getting an impressive ratio of headshots to regular shots – and even with the best aim in the world, that won’t happen enough of the time to justify the use of this bullpup rifle.

FN Scar 17

Rounding off this list is the clunky old Scar. Even its recent buffs don’t save it from the bottom slot, simply because high damage doesn’t matter when you only have 20-30 shots and hideous recoil that attempts to make you miss every one of those precious shots.

Just like any weapon in Warzone, it’s still capable in the right hands. But that doesn’t change the fact that the Scar is utterly outclassed by other high-damage Assault Rifles like the AK-47 and the Oden. Avoid if possible.

Best Assault Rifle in Warzone

And there you have it! Hopefully now you’re a master of the Warzone Assault Rifles arsenal, and you’re ready to put your newfound knowledge to the test. But in case you’re still hungering for tips and stats, be sure to check out our other Warzone guides!


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