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Racing is the most common genre when it comes to video games, whether it is smartphone gaming, PC gaming, or on some other gaming console. Racing games on Android have too much competition between them and lots of racing games are crowded with the genre. Every racing game has its own special characteristics and has its own preferences for every player. There are a great variety of outstanding free-to-play and premium games available for smartphone players in this genre.

The 8 Best Free Offline Car Racing Games of 2020

Some of the best and free racing game are mentioned below.

Grid Autosport – The idea that you can’t get console-quality graphics and demanding smartphone games is broken by this game. It’s a near-as-no-difference direct port available for PS3 and PC from the original GRID Autosport, with controls optimised for smartphone use. It’s a hefty app with a large price tag, even with lots of extra storage space, you would need a high-end phone. But it looks great, and veterans of the race will really dig their teeth into the gameplay. An easy-to-digest rookie mode is also available, allowing less-experienced players to improve as they go.

Mario Kart Tour – Now that it is possible to play the Mario Kart Tour live online, it embodies the kind of chaotic action we love about this game. The tracks and characters have been beautifully adapted to smartphone, and the single-finger control has been very well incorporated for steering, drifting and using objects. This game feels somewhat half-finished at launch; now for Nintendo fans, it’s evolved into a must-download. Not a serious racer, but fun for hours.

Horizon Chase: World Tour – The nostalgic look and sound of this game would instantly be familiar to anybody who played arcade-style racers in the eighties; not that that’s a negative thing in any way. With an apt soundtrack and pleasant blocky graphics, the hit of nostalgia is backed up. Thanks to a large library of cars and tracks, it’s not a sophisticated game, but one with considerably more depth and replay value than you would initially expect. There’s no need, either to buy something that’s particularly refreshing.

These are the best 3 free racing game that you can choose to play on your mobile phones or tablets. Now you can enjoy the same thrill with these three amazing games, they are picked on the basis of everybody preferences. Thank you for all your time.

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